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Many commercial properties are transitioning to more environmentally friendly and energy efficient roofing solutions. At J Reynolds & Co., Inc., we offer organic material and solar panels that can be used to lower the cost of energy and keep the environment safe and clean. Allow our experienced crews to work with you to install, maintain, or repair green roofing and solar roofing solutions.

For existing structures, we can help you engineer and design a plan for the additional weight of solar panels and other organic materials. Green roofs require either extensive or intensive systems. An extensive green roof is thinner and does not weight as much as an intensive green roof. This roof type allows for energy efficiency, though it is not designed to be walked on regularly. There is a thin soil layer on the extensive green roof that only shallow rooted plants, such as grasses, can be planted in.

Intensive green roofing is heavier and offers a thick, rich soil layer in which a variety of deep rooter plants can be used. Additionally, due to it’s depth and dependability, architectural features such as walkways and benches can be placed on this roof type. Roofing experts at J Reynolds & Co., Inc. have years of experience installing green roofs. We are able to design and install green roofs as well as assist with the cost analysis of different sustainable solutions to determine the best green-initiative for your building.

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