High Rise Roofing & Roof Installation-High Rise Maintenance Services

Serving Texas & Colorado Regions


One of the unique abilities of J Reynolds & Co., Inc., crews is the national exposure to diverse commercial buildings. Our roofing and waterproofing teams are able to provide services to not only industrial plants, but to high rise buildings, and everything in between. Most common in heavily populated downtown areas, high rise buildings require superior cabling systems to transport materials to the roof and remove debris and used materials from the roof. This process requires caution, experience, and precision—three qualities that all crews with J Reynolds & Co., Inc. have.

Our hoist and cabling systems are designed to alleviate the use of elevators and other indoor commotion. We utilize a secure system to ensure minimal disturbances to staff and residents as well as to maintain the time schedule in place. Additional concerns for high-rise buildings include attaining the proper permits for building envelope projects. With expertise in permit procedures for a vast number of cities across the United States, J Reynolds & Co., Inc., has experience in attaining scaffolding permits, sidewalk permits, and, when necessary, road diversions.

To keep your project on schedule and safe for all of those in and around the building, we work with the city government to attain permits quickly. Our expert crews are able to complete projects without sacrificing quality.

Our High Rises Projects

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Dallas Hi Rise Roof Installation